coyote (fae_nymph) wrote in zodiacfreakshow,


I was born a Capricorn Sun, Virgo Moon, Leo Rising.

(I really should have been born a Scorpio Sun, though.)

My natal chart is heavy in Scorpio influence, and anyways, I feel I match Scorpio's "energy" better than I do my actual Sun/Moon/Rising/ other planetary signs.


My natal chart (with the exception of Chiron in Gemini & North Node in Taurus) is entirely below the ASC line.

Sun: Capricorn/5th
Moon: Virgo/1st
Mercury: Sagitarrius/5th
Venus: Capricorn/5th
Mars: Scorpio/3rd
Jupiter: Aquarius/6th
Saturn: Sagittarius/4th
Uranus: Sagitarrius/4th
Neptune: Capricorn/5th
Pluto: Scorpio/3rd
North Node: Taurus
South Node: Scorpio

- Mars & Pluto conjunct in Scorpio 3rd House
- South Node in Scorpio conjunct Nadir (IC)
- Stellium: Sun-Venus-Neptune in Capricorn/5th
- YOD: Sun-Mars, Chiron apex

Seems like a lot of Capricorn/Leo there, and even Sagittarius, and there is, but I don't know, I feel more Scorpio than what my chart suggests. *shrugs* I've been told that conjunction between Mars/Pluto is a powerful one, but I'm not convinced it's powerful enough to tip-the-scale that much.
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