aaron g (agsaunders) wrote in zodiacfreakshow,
aaron g

Moon vs sun

How can you tell if your moon sign traits dominate your sun personality? I think that I am in such a situation. The sun is deterred in the 11th house and its sidekick (Neptune) is fallen there also. (See Aquarius) The moon, however, is both enthroned & exalted in a 4th house Taurus. So respectively, I think that you might think of me as more Taurus-like outwardly. Correct?

And if my suspicions are correct, would this make my chart a nocturnal or diurnial chart?

Post-edit: Astrologers usually note this as being common in the chart of a woman. Sometimes it might be shown in that of a man when the sun is weak and the moon is strong. Much rarer but it can and does happen.
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