Danika (danikalarae) wrote in zodiacfreakshow,

Zodiac Designs

Hey guys,

I didn't see anything forbidding this sort of post, so I hope it's okay. Promise not to spam with tons of posts! :)

I just thought some of you might be interested in seeing these designs. I have looked high and low for the "perfect" zodiac representations over the years, and nothing has ever been quite what I was looking for. They're all kinda the same old, same old, you know? This new line encompasses several different aspects of the signs (ruling planet, constellation and traditional animal association, as well as the symbol of course!) and it's such a fresh take on the zodiac. I think they're stunning!

The designer has 6 of the signs done so far, and the rest are coming very shortly I hear. He just uploaded Scorpio last night, and I'm just... in awe.

Anyway, I love them and I know how much searching I've done for this sort of the thing in the past... I just thought a few other people interested in astrology might like to see them too!

Craft Dungeon Designs
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