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Astrological Misfits

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As one of his biggest fans. Here's some facts on Robert Pattison. [14 Nov 2009|01:24pm]
1. Describes himself as a stubborn and self-righteous person.

2. Admits to being obssessive and possessive.

3. Refuses to have a Publicist because he likes to control himself.

4. Googles himself for fun.

5. Classes himself as shy.

6. Claims to have one leg longer than the other.

7. Like his Vampire character he likes to stay pale and avoids the Sun.

8. Misses London alot and admits to crying because of home sickness.

9. Had his first kiss at 12.

10. Doesn't like to walk the streets anymore and is happiest on protective Film Sets.

11. His sister Lizzy is a Song Writer in her Band Aurora and his other sister Victoria is in advertising.

12. He sometimes sings in his first girlfriends' current boyfriends' band called Bad Girls.

13. His Father is a Car Importer and his Mother worked for a modelling Agency.

14. A good musician he plays the Piano and the Guitar.

15. He was born on May 13th 1986.

16. His Sun is in Taurus and he has a sensitive Moon in Cancer.

17. He is 185 centimetres tall.

18. He wants a dog again when he settles as his old dog died.

19. His next film will be out in January. It is called Parts of Billion and his co- stars are Rosario Dawson and Dennis Hopper.

20. On the set of Harry Potter he did alot of improvising with Rupert Grint and got on with him best.

21. He's been voted the Sexiest Man on the Planet by Glamour Magazine and the Hottest Actor by Rolling Stone.

22. He's a big fan of James Dean.

23. He likes to watch American Idol and the British X Factor.

24. He is a Chain Smoker.

25. He loves the music of James Brown, Wilson Pikett and Van Morrison.

26. To unwind he reads books, writes songs and prefers creative hobbies.

27. He loves Chocolate--especially Twix Bars.

28. He drinks Beer.

29. He prefers Ethical and Natural Products like I Conjure Candles.

30. A Deep Spiritual Guy he once quoted to Joy Magazine.

"I believe in Karma. I believe it exists and whatever you do in your everyday life makes the person that you are. What you give in life comes back to you. I am convinced of that, so everyday you have to be a good person and treat everyone with respect. We are all connected.”
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Zodiac Designs [29 Sep 2009|07:21pm]

Hey guys,

I didn't see anything forbidding this sort of post, so I hope it's okay. Promise not to spam with tons of posts! :)

I just thought some of you might be interested in seeing these designs. I have looked high and low for the "perfect" zodiac representations over the years, and nothing has ever been quite what I was looking for. They're all kinda the same old, same old, you know? This new line encompasses several different aspects of the signs (ruling planet, constellation and traditional animal association, as well as the symbol of course!) and it's such a fresh take on the zodiac. I think they're stunning!

The designer has 6 of the signs done so far, and the rest are coming very shortly I hear. He just uploaded Scorpio last night, and I'm just... in awe.

Anyway, I love them and I know how much searching I've done for this sort of the thing in the past... I just thought a few other people interested in astrology might like to see them too!

Craft Dungeon Designs
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[02 Feb 2009|02:16am]


Here's my brief introductory message:

I've been a healer, clairvoyant, and astrologer for over 35 years.

Each month I make available free horoscopes, and as of this year I'm posting them up on my LiveJournal, so friend me, and you can read them on your Friend's page.

Monthly Aries Horoscope

Monthly Taurus Horoscope

Monthly Gemini Horoscope

Monthly Cancer Horoscope

Monthly Leo Horoscope

Monthly Virgo Horoscope

Monthly Libra Horoscope

Monthly Scorpio Horoscope

Monthly Sagittarius Horoscope

Monthly Capricorn Horoscope

Monthly Aquarius Horoscope

Monthly Pisces Horoscope

Part of my motivation behind my venturing into LiveJournal is that people might give me some feedback, and suggest popular topics I might analyze, so please leave comments and criticism - I don't know what to talk about unless you tell me.

Good to be here, and please enjoy my Journal!
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For all those of you out there in my same situation.. [28 Aug 2008|02:12am]

[ mood | indescribable ]

Leo & Scorpio

Riven and driven, this couple wins the passion prize. Leo and Scorpio are locked in a struggle, united on the razor's edge. The emotional Leo is offended by Scorpian rudeness; in turn, Scorpio's deep feelings are masked by carnal urges. Tension and challenge define this relationship. Each is endowed with an infinite ability to wound or solace the other, and the two will endlessly oscillate between torment and delight. The clash of these two strong personalities is doomed unless indulgence and tolerance also reign. But selfishness may overcome them.

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[04 Jun 2007|04:06pm]

when is your birthday?
18th of May 1988, 7:11 am
so... Taurus Gemini Asc & moon

how tall are you?

what are you into out of art, sport, music, drama, science, languages, etc?
When i was younger i was into science in a big BIG way, I'm still into ecology, enviromentalism & non academic science things.... I like Art alot the appreciation & making of and all that... I've studied French, Latin, Ancient Greek & Italian but can't remember alot of the French... but am still into languages and am attempting to learn Spanish & Irish Gaelic... i've never really been big on Sports or Drama, but i've been in a few productions & like swimming Tennis and occasionally golf (i am not an old man) I also like hiking which isn't really a sport i suppose.. I play piano & have tried double bass (- can't afford one of my own :( ), guitar & bass guitar... hmm that was rambly...

how would you describe your dress sense?
it changes alot, but mainly bright colours & alot of green/orange.

are you a jealous person?
sometimes, but not in the general sense

are you rebellious?
not really, I drink alot and do things i shouldn't but i'm pretty average

are you ambitious?
stupidly so, i just don't have much motivation

do you hold grudges?
when somebody hurts me yes very much so, but i tend to get over it pretty quick

are you chilled out or intense?
both at different times...

would people describe you as eccentric?
yes i get called weird or odd alot.. and the nice way 'quirky'

how opinionated are you?
 i'll listen to other people if they're making a good point

are you ruled by your head or your heart?
both in confusing amounts

how sensitive are you to criticism, hurtful remarks etc?
it depends what mood i'm in

how sensitive are you to others' feelings and needs?
....again it depends on the mood i'm in

are you emotional or detached?
Oh god, both in spades

how romantic are you?
i secretly am

are you a vegetarian or vegan?

do you have strong political views?
vaguely, i usually don't feel informed enough to argue purely one side

what signs do you get along well with? if you have a significant other, what is their sign?
My longest friends are two Libras , a taurus and a Scorpio. I get on with the two libras the best, but have had a very love/hate relationship with the Scorpio lol.. erm.. my  best friends of the past year were a Sagittarius, Pisces & an Aries. & at sixth form i generally got on better with Gemini's/Libra's. My last BF was a Sagittarius & i'm generally attracted to them aswell as pisces/aquarius influenced peoples... although the guy i was seeing is an Aquarian & another an Aries.. Hmmmm confusing?! 
Leo & Aries women generally annoy me, unless i get to know them well.

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That meme that's been going around [21 May 2007|05:32pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Fixed up a bit because it looks better this way. Picky? Why yes!

When is your birthday?
March 26, 1984 10:32 a.m.

How tall are you?
5' 2''

What are you into out of art, sport, music, drama, science, languages, etc?
I love arts and music. I was a graphic design major and a music minor. I've been into both since I was a child. I am also into language. I would love to learn different languages. I am not extremely into sports, but I do find them fun. The reason for that is probably because I can be competitive and I love to win. Typical Aries? Maybe.

How would you describe your dress sense?
T-shirt and jeans. No skirts or dresses or any of that girly stuff. Casual shirt and pants for work. I really don't wear anything fitted or tight. I like to feel comfortable and wear stuff that enables me to move around easily.

Are you a jealous person?
I don't think so. I used to be somewhat, but nowadays I don't really care.

Are you rebellious?
Mm...it depends on what I'd be rebelling.

Are you ambitious?
I am in mind, and I can be. But for the most part I end up being lazy.

Do you hold grudges?
No. Holding grudges is stupid and annoying.

Are you chilled out or intense?
Chilled out...though I can be very energetic.

Would people describe you as eccentric?
Yes, I would think so, since everyone thinks I'm weird as it is.

How opinionated are you?
I am very opinionated. I am very nitpicky and critical. I am a perfectionist. I also can be blunt. If something doesn't look right, I will probably say so. If I think you're stupid, you will probably know.

Are you ruled by your head or your heart?
Head. To me, it makes more sense to use logic rather than feelings.

How sensitive are you to criticism, hurtful remarks etc?
I don't give a damn what people say to/about me. I find sensitivity and people who take everything personally annoying. I see no need for that. And I criticize people, so I don't care if they do the same in return.

How sensitive are you to others' feelings and needs?
I'm not sensitive to others feelings at all. I'm one of those, "Suck it up, deal and get over it" people. I don't befriend needy and/or oversensitive people. I don't like feeling like people are in my way. I don't like people clinging to me. I only care about other people's feelings if you are really important to me...but even then it depends on the situation.

Are you emotional or detached?
I would have to say detached. Emotional-ness annoys me. I am as unemotional as they come.

How romantic are you?
Not sure. I imagine myself being a little romantic.

Are you a vegetarian or vegan?
I like my meats.

Do you have strong political views?
Not really.

What signs do you get along well with? If you have a significant other, what is their sign?
I think that I get along with other fire signs, but it also depends on the person. The reason for that is because I often find fire people to be loud, obnoxious and annoying. So if someone is, for example, a calm Sagittarius, then we'd probably get along really well. I also seem to really get along with Cancers for some reason, despite the fact that I find sensitivity and emotional-ness annoying. But it seems I happen to be friends with the right Cancers, and I just love people who can make me laugh. I also seem to get along with Virgos and Caps, but again, it depends on the person. Like, I probably would not get along with a Cap who is too serious. As for significant other, NO THANK YOU!

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[20 May 2007|10:28pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

when is your birthday?
Jan 9th, 1988 6:01 pm

how tall are you?

what are you into out of art, sport, music, drama, science, languages, etc?
i'm such an art person, i LOVE to draw, paint, whatever...i like sports to a degree..i can play with friends but never on a real team, i don't get along with people well enough...i LOOOOOVE music ALL kinds, except Christian...i do like science alot...i am a bio major after all....languages i love...i know Italian, i'm learning Swedish, i wanna learn Russian and French too though

how would you describe your dress sense?
well i don't wear like Aeropostal and stuff...i just wear whatever i like and fits me pretty much....i'm not a cheap-o...if i like it, i buy it, no matter the price....

are you a jealous person?
oh man yes...i'm prob. the most jealous person ANYONE will know...i will admit it...although i have gotten better...i'm not AS bad anymore

are you rebellious?
umm...not really....i am but i'm not...i'm the secretive type of rebellious lol

are you ambitious?
i am in the mind set...but i'm just too lazy

do you hold grudges?
yes...i hold grudges 'till the end of time...i mean i'll forgive people kinda but i'll never just up and forget...and at times i'll bring it up again :-p

are you chilled out or intense?
i guess chilled out...i'm very laid back :-D

would people describe you as eccentric?
people have...i dunno if i agree

how opinionated are you?
oh man...i'm very opinionated...and when i have an opinion about something i get really into it and i'm very stubborn about my ideas

are you ruled by your head or your heart?
i really dunno....it's kinda both...but i say heart wins by a hair

how sensitive are you to criticism, hurtful remarks etc?
oh man...i used to not care AT ALL...say anything to me and i'd ignore it and not care...but now...i'm like SUPER sensitive to absolutly EVERYTHING

how sensitive are you to others' feelings and needs?
i try to be as sensitive as i can...but at times i do slip up and don't realize what i've said or done

are you emotional or detached?
umm...both kinda....i'm detached to EVERYONE until i feel really comfortable then i get emotional...but not too much incase i get hurt in the end

how romantic are you?
haha i'm very romantic...i'm a hopeless romantic...and i love it

are you a vegetarian or vegan?
no way...cow tastes too good

do you have strong political views?
not really

what signs do you get along well with? if you have a significant other, what is their sign?
i seem to get along most with Taurans and other Caps...my b/f is a Cap. as well :-D

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Hello [20 May 2007|08:41pm]

[ mood | bored ]

when is your birthday?
November 4th 1989, 3:45pm

how tall are you?

what are you into out of art, sport, music, drama, science, languages, etc?
Not sporty whatsoever... never have been. I'm not musically inclined either, and I hate drama and performing arts. I'm much more inclined towards language, writing, history, crime, mystery... things like that.

how would you describe your dress sense?
I don't follow trends I just try my hardest to dress nice because it makes me feel better in myself.

are you a jealous person?
When I was younger I was, but now I'd say I'm much more on the possessive side of things.

are you rebellious?
When I was younger I was, but not so much anymore.

are you ambitious?
When I was younger yes, but not particularly now.

do you hold grudges?
Very rarely but when I do... woe betide.

are you chilled out or intense?
People say I'm intense... but in a quiet, intriguing way.

would people describe you as eccentric?
In the past, yes.

how opinionated are you?
Extremely. Very very much so.

are you ruled by your head or your heart?
My head. Mainly.

how sensitive are you to criticism, hurtful remarks etc?
Very sensitive. I take it really personally.

how sensitive are you to others' feelings and needs?
A little less than the average person, perhaps.

are you emotional or detached?
I'm quite detached but when I get emotional I really do get emotional.

how romantic are you?
Never have been very romantic.

are you a vegetarian or vegan?

do you have strong political views?

what signs do you get along well with? if you have a significant other, what is their sign?
My two best friends are Aquarians - I love them. There's always something to talk about and never a dull moment. We are on very different levels but it seems to work out. I like Pisces and Libras, too. Can't stand Cancers.

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delurking... [06 Mar 2007|10:03pm]
[ mood | happy ]


I figure I would start off by taking the little meme I found in an earlier post in this community...

when is your birthday?
Feb 5th, 1980 (11:28 PM)

how tall are you?
5'9 1/2"

what are you into out of art, sport, music, drama, science, languages, etc?
I like painting, ethereal goth and techno music, biology, the study of ancient Germanic languages, and am not much into sports at all.

how would you describe your dress sense?
casual, but I like getting gothed up once in awhile.

are you a jealous person?

are you rebellious?
Sort of.

are you ambitious?
Yes. I want to go to med school.

do you hold grudges?
Fuck with me, that might be okay. Fuck with someone I love, and you have made a very dangerous enemy for life.

are you chilled out or intense?
intense. Very intense.

would people describe you as eccentric?
Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip... uh huh... uh huh...

how opinionated are you?
I have an opinion on everything and everything, and often piss people off.

are you ruled by your head or your heart?
My heart.

how sensitive are you to criticism, hurtful remarks etc?
Very. I can't take criticism really at all.

how sensitive are you to others' feelings and needs?
Very. I try to put others ahead of myself, always.

are you emotional or detached?
Very very emotional. (I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 4 years ago, FWIW.)

how romantic are you?
Very, but not to the point where I'm disgustingly mushy.

are you a vegetarian or vegan?

do you have strong political views?
Extremely. I am a conservative-leaning libertarian, and I often listen to political talk radio.

what signs do you get along well with? if you have a significant other, what is their sign?
My boyfriend is a Scorpio with Aquarius rising (I am an Aquarius with Scorpio rising) and we lurv each other madly. In general I get along famously with other Aquarians, the weirder the better, Scorpios, Pisces, and for some reason with female Geminis only (not at all with male Geminis). I have had a lot of Sagittarian boyfriends, but it never went well.

If you want to friend me and can put up with a ranting Asatruar, go ahead.

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Moon vs sun [12 Jan 2007|09:14pm]

How can you tell if your moon sign traits dominate your sun personality? I think that I am in such a situation. The sun is deterred in the 11th house and its sidekick (Neptune) is fallen there also. (See Aquarius) The moon, however, is both enthroned & exalted in a 4th house Taurus. So respectively, I think that you might think of me as more Taurus-like outwardly. Correct?

And if my suspicions are correct, would this make my chart a nocturnal or diurnial chart?

Post-edit: Astrologers usually note this as being common in the chart of a woman. Sometimes it might be shown in that of a man when the sun is weak and the moon is strong. Much rarer but it can and does happen.
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N00b here [31 Dec 2006|01:24am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi, I just joined the comm.
I'm 30 yrs old, Taurus Sun, Aries Moon, Virgo Rising.
I have a lot going on in Aries.
I'd like to pimp my chart, if anyone wants to give my insight on it, I'd appreciate it.


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Hello there [30 Dec 2006|02:41pm]

One & only post. And my only reason for joining is due to the freakish nature of my chart and the fact that I've been told that I act a Libra-Scorpio cusp by someone recently. Now as to how accurate that is and to what a Libra-Scorpio will act like in person rather than by the chart is a mystery to me. So I got curious.

I've also been classed as a neptunians recently thanks to the Neptune/Mars/Sun stellium in the Aries decan of Sagittarius. Neptune is fallen in the house it rests, but Mars is exalted in the midheaven. (Technically it rests on the border of the bona fortuna & midheaven.) Therefore, I expect to have Pisces/Aries traits.

And don't get me started on my risings. I haven't met anyone else w/ the same kind of 1st/7th house interceptions that I have. But in order to explore what I'm talking about, I'll just pimp my chart here.
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GoodLuckFinder.com - better than horoscope, chiromancy and cartomancy [08 Oct 2006|09:11pm]

New search engine is the instrument that helps people to communicate with Spirit of Luck. www.GoodLuckFinder.com helps people to look for a good luck.

Every day people run into choices. Which model of a phone or a car to buy, which country or city to go to on vacation, which thing to do first.

It is often difficult for a person to make a choice - all things in his list are good. However, it is well known that a certain object, place or event may be luckier than other ones for a person. www.GoodLuckFinder.com helps people to look for a good luck.

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yet another freak show [28 Jul 2006|10:27am]

Yeah, so...

Ascendant: Aries
Sun: Capricorn/Aquarius cusp (technically Capricorn)
Moon: Cancer
Mercury: Aquarius
Venus: Capricorn
Mars: Aries/Taurus cusp (0 degrees Taurus...oy)
[Jupiter: Taurus
Saturn-Neptune: Capricorn
Pluto: Scorpio] <---never cared much about the signs that Jupiter-Pluto were in because they change really slowly and aren't very individualized

Yeah, so nothing really glamorous, just a lot of things that really don't match. I kind of got all of the signs with the worst reputations. Oh yeah, and I looked up my aspects, and it turns out my Moon is opposite my Venus, Saturn, Uranus AND Neptune. Actually, my moon has an aspect with freakin' EVERYTHING. Ha ha! funny stuff.

Astrology - wheeeee!!!!!
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Scorpi-corn. [15 Apr 2006|11:08am]


I was born a Capricorn Sun, Virgo Moon, Leo Rising.

(I really should have been born a Scorpio Sun, though.)

My natal chart is heavy in Scorpio influence, and anyways, I feel I match Scorpio's "energy" better than I do my actual Sun/Moon/Rising/ other planetary signs.


My natal chart details, etc...Collapse )
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Part rant, part advice, part insomnia [29 Dec 2005|08:13am]

What follows is my own opinion about relationships, astrology, and how the two have very little to do with each other.

Cut for teh mild language and length!11!one1Collapse )

Good luck, be blessed, and take your life into your own hands. Oh, and also don't try to hug a cactus. You may like the cactus, but he doesn't like you back :S

(crossposted between the four communities I belong to: astrology, zodiacfreakshow, scorpios, and gemini_people. I do realize this is essentially the first post to a few communities, but hey, heck of a way to start, right?)
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[24 Oct 2005|02:45pm]

[ mood | amused ]

hi i just joined, very new to lj..
here is my info:

i'm such a mix of so many things

sun - aquarius
moon - pisces
mercury - capricorn
venus - capricorn
mars - gemini
jupitar - aries
saturn - cancer
uranus - scorpio
neptune - sagittarius
pluto - libra
ascendant - virgo

sun - 5th house
moon - 7th house
mercury - 5th house
venus - 4th house
mars - 10th house
jupitar - 8th house
saturn - 11th house
uranus - 2nd house
neptune - 3rd house
pluto - 1st house
ascendant - 1st of course

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[07 Aug 2005|01:58am]

[ mood | blah ]

I give up and really hate my chart

I think I'm just going to give on astrology soon but here anyway.

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[01 Jul 2005|10:18pm]

Hey Kiddoes!!! I just joined. I maintain a Taurus community.


Taurean Forest

[x]small community looking for new members
[x]you don't have to be a taurus to join!
[x] very friendly members

and hey, you can get in touch with your taurean side xD (yeah i'm lame, i'm sorry)

and Sorry if you guys don't want me protoming my community, i don't mind mind if your remove it...

anywho, later kiddoes!!!!

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[29 May 2005|09:19pm]

if you have an interest in the 8th house, join 8th_house
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