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The Scruffy Princess

Part rant, part advice, part insomnia

What follows is my own opinion about relationships, astrology, and how the two have very little to do with each other.

Okay. Let's be realistic here. A lot of us join astrology communities, and the first thing we say is "Who am I compatible with?" "Am I compatible with (insert crush du jour's sign here)?" I admit to doing so myself, when I was younger, and I'll admit that I've been very, very wrong about things pertaining to astrology, especially when I first got into it (around the age of eight or nine). So I'm not going to sit here in my chair and say "how could you do that are you stupid?" because, well, I don't really have that right. I do however, want to illustrate a single, liberating thought with everyone, and expand on it.


See it, in big caps? Read it a few times. Let it sink into your head, and think on it, because if I see another person who counts someone out based on astrology and not interaction, I'm going to scream. Because that is NOT what matters, and while there may be a general consensus on some things, it is by no means absolute gospel.

Take, say, a Pisces girl. Now, our big-eyed fish is out in the world, looking for a friend. At a party, she meets a Virgo. Pisces needs someone to share their dreams with, and Virgo is much more practical, so it's a bad combo, right? Wrong. Pisces knows the importance of a budget, and Virgo daydreams at work. In fact, their actual behavior only roughly fits the cookie-cutter mold that they've been given, and they make a wonderful pair. Why is this? Because there is so much more to your life than just your sun sign, or your entire astrological chart.

I invite you all to think about your childhood for a moment. Now, let's play "What if?" for a minute. What if you had grown up in a wealthy family? An impoverished one? What if your family was supportive and encouraging? If they were distant, unpleasant, even abusive? What if you hadn't met you best friend in second grade when you offered to share your cookies? What if you did?

Do you see what I mean? If any of these things had happened, it would have changed your life drastically, wouldn't it? You'd have learned different lessons as a child, different behavior and different outlooks. Your sign may have affected things, but would it have completely overridden it? Do your favorite things and the way you dress come directly from your sign, or did you have free will to love rollercoasters and wear that antique ring your grandma gave you? What about your taste in music, food, home decorations, cars, art? I believe a good portion of you will say "My sign has damn little to do with those", because that's just how things go. Not everything will fit.

To further illustrate this, let me invite you into my own little world for a minute.

I'm 22. I don't go to college, and I never will. I'm also disabled and recieve SSI. However, I try to work around my disabilities, and get along okay in day to day life. I'm told that I'm a gifted artist and that I have a very good singing voice, although I disagree and insist that my talents aren't as big as people make them out to be. I love to read, and most of my reading is about core life issues like birth, death, sex, love, personal growth, and spirituality. However, I also like reading romance novels, cartoon collections, joke books, and other fun things. I'm 5'9", have dyed red hair, eyes that are a mix between light slate and turquoise, prominent facial features, and I've got curves. I wear bright, colorful things, layer pink socks over purple fishnets, wear an assortment of colorful jewelry, and my favorite shoes are fizzy leopard tennis shoe platforms with pink star laces. I thrive on excitement and love to have a good night on the town, dancing and hanging out with my friends. I like Japanese anime music, Eurobeat, techno, happy hardcore, classic rock, classical, and music with a woodsy pagan kind of feel to it. I'm often told I'm cute, and I usually dress very cutely, but when it comes time to turn up the heat, I can do that in a shockingly short amount of time. I'm a budding fashion designer, I daydream too much, I'm addicted to chocolate, and I'd do anything for the ones I love. Anything.

Now, take that all into consideration. How many of those things would you say fit on a Scorpio? Because I am. November 9th. Damn proud, too. But do I match my sign perfectly? No. No I do not, and furthermore, I'm in a stable, very good relationship with a charmingly adorable Gemini. We've been together for nearly a year, only fought a few times, if you could even call it fighting, and as icing on the cake, we're still waiting on sex. Yes, a Scorpio can wait. Our dates are spontaneous, and we both love it that way. A main staple of our dates is Goodwill shopping, and he buys books and practical things while I have a very hard time not buying half the store's clothing department. (I'm a bit of a compulsive spender...)

Now, let's exit my little world, and get back to the post. I've divulged my personality, some of my secrets, and my love life to you (another thing Scorpios aren't supposed to do!) in order to illustrate that I do not fit the mold people place me into based on my sign, and that I have a relationship with what many people, and even some astrologers consider, a very bad matchup. Had I based my decisions off of "Gemini is too flighty for Scorpio and Scorpio is too jealous and suffocates Gemini", I wouldn't have the abundant happiness I do now. Had I used astrology as a base for making many of my friends, I would be avoiding them like the plague instead of running squealing into a tackle-hug.

Heed the very general nature of the sign, but do not let it rule your opinions. Go out in the world. Take chances. Believe that good things can happen, and that you have the power to make those good things happen. You will be richly rewarded for your bravery and love towards yourself and others. But most of all, you won't be held back from what could be the answer to all your dreams. I learned that, and I want to share that wisdom with you. So I am.

Good luck, be blessed, and take your life into your own hands. Oh, and also don't try to hug a cactus. You may like the cactus, but he doesn't like you back :S

(crossposted between the four communities I belong to: astrology, zodiacfreakshow, scorpios, and gemini_people. I do realize this is essentially the first post to a few communities, but hey, heck of a way to start, right?)
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