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when is your birthday?
November 4th 1989, 3:45pm

how tall are you?

what are you into out of art, sport, music, drama, science, languages, etc?
Not sporty whatsoever... never have been. I'm not musically inclined either, and I hate drama and performing arts. I'm much more inclined towards language, writing, history, crime, mystery... things like that.

how would you describe your dress sense?
I don't follow trends I just try my hardest to dress nice because it makes me feel better in myself.

are you a jealous person?
When I was younger I was, but now I'd say I'm much more on the possessive side of things.

are you rebellious?
When I was younger I was, but not so much anymore.

are you ambitious?
When I was younger yes, but not particularly now.

do you hold grudges?
Very rarely but when I do... woe betide.

are you chilled out or intense?
People say I'm intense... but in a quiet, intriguing way.

would people describe you as eccentric?
In the past, yes.

how opinionated are you?
Extremely. Very very much so.

are you ruled by your head or your heart?
My head. Mainly.

how sensitive are you to criticism, hurtful remarks etc?
Very sensitive. I take it really personally.

how sensitive are you to others' feelings and needs?
A little less than the average person, perhaps.

are you emotional or detached?
I'm quite detached but when I get emotional I really do get emotional.

how romantic are you?
Never have been very romantic.

are you a vegetarian or vegan?

do you have strong political views?

what signs do you get along well with? if you have a significant other, what is their sign?
My two best friends are Aquarians - I love them. There's always something to talk about and never a dull moment. We are on very different levels but it seems to work out. I like Pisces and Libras, too. Can't stand Cancers.
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